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  • Veraison: When Grapes Turn Red July 25, 2017
    One of the most important moments in a grapevine’s annual lifecycle is when grapes turn from green to red and start to become sweet. The French call this process veraison (“verr-ray-zohn”). Wine Folly - Learn about wine.
  • The Guide to Finding Great Cognac July 17, 2017
    Let's take a closer look at Cognac and how white wine grapes are at the core of the production of this world-renown brandy. Wine Folly - Learn about wine.
  • What Types of Red Wines Are “Good” for You? July 11, 2017
    Some red wines have significantly higher levels of what science has determined to be the beneficial ingredients found in wine. Find out which red wines are the best for you (and surprise: it's not Cabernet or Pinot Noir!) Wine Folly - Learn about wine.
  • Never Fear The Grill: Wine Pairings with Barbecue July 3, 2017
    Find the best pairings with grilled foods and barbecue including matching the right wine with different styles of Barbecue sauce. Wine Folly - Learn about wine.
  • US Firsts In Wine June 29, 2017
    Take a moment to appreciate the history of some of the United States’ firsts in wine. Wine Folly - Learn about wine.